ML Graffiti Aluminium Key Ring

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DETAILS – ML Graffiti laser etched anodised aluminium key ring!

Developed with our Motorsport buddies Caged Laser using actual MF lasers! Hand cut aluminium key ring in the shape of the Monky London Graffiti logo! Aluminium is anodised black using actual electricity for a proper posh finish! White design is then laser etched on the front by James Bond, fact! 

Completely bespoke, chunky feels and very high qualities! Complimented with a stainless steel circular key ring giving you multiple options including hanging em on your keys, face, indicator stalk, interior mirror, horse etc you name it!

Expect 10hp power gains on these. Dyno proven plus gives you mojo, nom! Made in Great Britain plus worn by me, restecpa!


KEY RING SIZE – Approx 8cm x 6.5cm

HIGH QUALITY – Made from super silky aluminium, hand cut then anodised black using an electrolytic passivisation process! This increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer allowing for longevity and corrosion resistance, posh! Laser etched design using the latest in James Bond technology, a £250,000 laser engraver! Totally exclusive, noms guaranteed.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – All our designs are professionally hand drawn by a small selection of awesome artists, this ain’t no MS paint shiz yo! When you buy ML merch not only is it sick to look at, but you can rest assured that loads of hours / days / brain powerz has gone into making it next level for you!