Duggit Master Black Edition Lanyard

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DETAILS – Duggit Master Black Edition lanyard!

Super silky thick black lanyard featuring intricate Monky London Duggit Master logo design! Finished in pink / purple / white for ultimate pimps! Are you a Duggit Master? Then do a buy and release the power!

Top quality nylon lanyards printed subliminally via heat transfer for maximum goodness and longevity! Super chunky, extra width and maximum noms confirmed!

Comes supplied with sturdy black break away buckle and black keyring for extra stealth powers. Ideal for carrying keys / phones / ID cards you name it!

Built to withstand many duggits and used by me daily, restecpa!


LANYARD SIZE – Approx 64cm x 3cm

HIGH QUALITY – Made from super chunky nylon our lanyards are wide, thick, soft to touch and ultra-durable. Opposed to cheaper screen printed lanyards these bad boys are subliminally heat transferred for long lasting goodness. Beautiful to touch and beautiful to look at, the ultimate in simplistic lanyard goodness!

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – All our designs are professionally hand drawn by a small selection of awesome artists, this ain’t no MS paint shiz yo! When you buy ML merch not only is it sick to look at, but you can rest assured that loads of hours / days / brain powerz has gone into making it next level for you!